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IT Recruitment & Selection

  At AZABAZ we work with companies in response to the growing need to fill positions related to the systems area at a global level. The workload exceeds the structure of the HR area of the organization or requires specific technical knowledge to define the appropriate profile and select the best resource to respond to projects in the systems area.

  We offer an IT Human Resources Recruitment and Selection service, where we provide professionals with demanding technical training and specialized in the most diverse platforms and tools, who are highly qualified to fill Managerial, Middle Management (project leaders, managers or coordinators) or Operational (functional analysts, developers, security or infrastructure analysts) positions.

From the very beginning we work together with our clients to define the appropriate profile, considering the company's culture, knowledge, specialization and experience of the requested resource, as well as the most convenient remuneration, thus ensuring a successful search.

  We select profiles for In House and Remote positions to work in global projects, for companies in Latin America, the United States and Europe.

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