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At AZABAZ we know how important Mainframe skills are and how they collaborate with the community and customers to build the next generation of talent.

Organizations need Mainframe skills to make the most of their investment in IBM Z systems and software thatare secure, resilient and agile.

Yourdigital transformation requires the right platforms and people skills so you can make the most of your investment in this highly secure, resilient and agile IT platform.

Therefore, we offer training programs designed for both individuals and organizations.

CICS Command Level Coding (Programming)
DB2 Family Fundamentals
DB2 for Z / OS System Administration
DS8000 Implementation Workshop for System Z / Open
Effective RACF Administration Workshop
MQ z / OS System Administration
VSAM for Programmers
Basic Z / OS Operation Workshop
Basic Z / OS Workshop  (Introduction, TSO, JCL)
COBOL Programming for Z / OZ Workshop
Z / OS System Programmer Fundamentals
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