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BMC helps companies around the world manage and reinvent their businesses to evolve towards a Digital Autonomous Enterprise, a digital-first organization with distinctive technology Operating model principles and features that support transformation through actionable insights, business agility and customer centricity .

BMC's portfolio comprises durable technology products along with a broad and highly effective range of services, all dedicated to empowering today's businesses with intuitive and scalable solutions for intelligent automation and service management, enterprise DevOps, mainframe modernization, IT, security and compliance, and much more, from your multi-cloud infrastructure to your central data center and beyond. Among its products is BMC AMI CLOUD.

BMC AMI CLOUD modernizes mission-critical data operations and delivers a seamless software-based solution to discover, move, transform, and manage data in the public or private cloud.

Empower mainframe data management in the hybrid cloud era

  • Harness the power of the mainframe

  • Harness the power of cloud scalability and flexibility

  • Reduce storage costs

With BMC AMI CLOUD reimagine mainframe data management in the cloud.

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