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Their mission is to accelerate the digital transformation and adoption of cloud technologies and cost-effectiveness in large enterprises by modernizing Mainframe data management and business intelligence.

Its patented technology transfers Mainframe data to any cloud or premise storage platform, eliminating tape and virtual tape, and facilitating secure integration with advanced analytics tools. Model9 is trusted by the world's leading financial institutions, government agencies and transportation companies.

Its solutions allow you to:

  • Eliminate tape and virtual tape management costs by utilizing cloud storage directly from your Mainframe, without requiring additional hardware.

  • Gain business insights using cloud data analytics, enriching Data Lakes and Business Intelligence processes with valuable data from your Mainframe.

  • Reduce Mainframe skills shortage risks with modern, easy-to-use cloud-based solutions.

  • Reduce costs by 50% or more by reducing MSU consumption, moving ETL processing to the cloud, using affordable cloud storage, and consolidating software licenses.

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