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At AZABAZ we work with out customers to modernize their Mainframe applications. Cloud-native capabilities enable enterprises to strategically modernize existing Mainframe applications to reduce costs and achieve digital readiness.

The performance, resiliency and scale offered by the Mainframe environment are a reality. Most of the world's largest organizations in a variety of industries use Mainframes.

Organizations working with AZABAZ are not static, but are constantly changing. As a resul, their mission-critical Mainframe applications cannot stand still.

We achieve a link between intelligent modernization and confidence in the performance of Mainframe applications. Mainframe modernization must be flexible enough to address a spectrum of needs.

The technologies and specialists with which we provide our Mainframe services address modern demands. Our technology partners support application and system innovation. in addition, they include leveraging Mainframe applications along with interfaces based on web services or other application architecture.

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