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Rocket's legacy began in Millis, Massachusetts, on April 16, 1990. Its founder Andy Youniss and his business partner set out to build a new kind of software company. One that was guided by values of humanity, empathy, trust, and love. One that could make a difference for clients and the world.

30 years later, they continue to put customers and partners first through their investments in the legendary platforms they trust to run their businesses. Over the past 17 years, Rocket has completed more than 45 acquisitions, each of which helped accelerate and fuel its growth.  

IBM® and Rocket® Software - A partnership created to preserve their legacy.

Rocket was born to help IBM clients succeed. Its first product was designed primarily for IBM Db2® databases. Over the next 31 years, it has developed strong, cross-functional relationships at all levels to become one of IBM's highest performing business partners.


Why are you continually investing so much in this relationship? Because that's what it takes to deliver the solutions IBM customers demand.


Why Choose Rocket Mainframe Solutions? With solutions focused on data management, performance optimization, system and catalog management, disaster recovery, storage management and security, the world's largest companies rely on Rocket® mainframe solutions to support their payroll processing. , timely healthcare diagnoses, bank transactions, mutual funds deposits, flight reservations and more. The Rocket teams have extensive experience in mainframe technologies, including z / OS, Db2, IMS, and CICS, and as a founding member of the Zowe initiative, they are committed to the future of mainframe open source.

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