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AZABAZ is partnered with industry-leading software integrators and manufacturers to offer solutions for applications modernization and Mainframe performance enhancement.


Their solutions manage the performance and availability of critical IT resources such as z/OS, enterprise storage and SAN infrastructure. 


Present in all industries and geographies with more than 70% of the world's IT workload running on legacy platforms, it helps customers innovate using proprietary data and technology.

Trident (2)_edited.jpg
Trident Services 

Developer of z / OS tools, improvement of the zOSEM and CICS / EM environment. Provides a range of IBM operating system support services to customers with systems running on enterprise servers with systems on IBM z.


Specialist in integration and industry-independent solutions for enterprise Mainframes and open systems infrastructures.

SEA Software

Leader in the field of software solutions for data centers.

Model 9

Their mission is to accelerate the digital transformation and adoption of cloud technologies and the cost-effectiveness of cloud technology in large enterprises.e en las grandes empresas.

Supporteam Iberia.png
Suporteam Iberia

Supporteam Iberia offers a portfolio of software solutions covering the areas of MVS, OS/390, z/OS, VSE and AS/400.

Hitachi Vantara

Combinan la tecnología #IT y #OT, ofrecen soluciones de administración de datos que ayudan a las empresas a mejorar la experiencia de sus clientes, a desarrollar nuevas fuentes de ingresos, y a reducir sus costos.

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